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Architect Series, designed to perfection…

Designed and manufactured in Australia, our architecturally designed models are available in wall, recessed and free standing options and offer a choice of colours and finishes to match any decor. Add our Fastfind directory or wayfinding software and the picture is complete.


Architect Series Wall Portrait

directory features

Why Wall Mount?

The wall mounted Architect Series is often a space saving choice and providing a suitable wall is available in the right location and in the correct orientation [in a prominent high traffic area and not facing direct sunlight]then the wall mount option provides the ideal solution to match any decor. If space permits then the wall mount can be easily recessed into a cavity allowing a flush appearance.


This series features three screen sizes; 55″, 48″ and 40″ which will cater for even the most demanding of tenant lists or wayfinding destinations. Check out our compact models for that unique requirement or specific location.
Architect Series 55 - 48 -22

55″, 48′ & 40″ Wall Portrait

The wall mounted series is both compact and stylish with a unique quick mounting technology that can even work as a fully recessed model. Key locked front access to the pc ensures updating and on site service is kept to a minimum.

A55.DWP & A55.TWP:   W 783 x H 1540 x D 100 mm
A48.DWP & A48.TWP:   W 692 x H 1385 x D 100 mm
A40.DWP & A40.TWP:   W 600 x H 1217 x D 100 mm


Architect Series Floor Portrait

directory features

Why Floor Mount?

The Floor Mounted Architect Series is the perfect solution where high visual impact is desired in particular in high traffic areas demanding a prominent landmark for visitors.  Available in large format portrait and landscape screens up to 48″ and our all new 22″ compact range for smaller foyers, these models are indeed designed to impress.


This premium product is available in display or touch enabled models and can be optioned in a range of colours and finishes. Check out our compact floor mounted version for a secondary directory in the same stunning design.
architect directory diagram 48 floor

48″ Floor Portrait

The 48” Floor mounted Architect Series is our flagship product and has been specified in premium buildings Australia wide. Where high visual impact is important this elegant, refined display or touch enabled system is without peer.

A48.DFP & A48.TFP:   W 692 x H 2067 x D 115 mm


Architect Series Floor Compact


directory features

Why Compact?

Aimed at bridging the gap between larger directory installations and hand held devices these elegant pedestal or wall mounted systems can be deployed as additional lower cost devices at secondary entrance points or to extend the directory coverage to additional floors.

Space saving and with minimal maintenance and energy requirements these touch ready devices are the ultimate in tenant directory deployments.


Unique to Sprocket and available in portrait configuration to maintain it’s ultra slim profile, the compact series can be optioned as a display only or multi touch  screen.
Architect Directory diagram 22 floormount

22″Floor Portrait

Beautifully proportioned and with a range of finished options the ultra compact Architect series is designed for flexibility, performance and price.

A22.DFP & A22.TFP:   W 305 x H 1516 x D 60 mm


Architect Series Floor Landscape


directory features

Why Landscape?

An alternative format directory is our 48” Landscape floor mounted system which combines an elegant design with a more traditional directory format. Ideal where high visibility is not critical this system encourages viewing groups


This premium product is available in display or touch enabled models and can be optioned in a range of colours and finishes. Check out our compact floor mounted version for a secondary directory in the same stunning design.
architect-Architect Directory-diagram 48 floor landscape

48″ Floor Landscape

The floor landscape is designed to accommodate the widest range of users including wheelchairs and can be optioned with a freestanding base if required.

A48.DFL & A48.TFL:   W 1200 x H 1265 x D 629 mm




Sprocket’s locally developed and class leading Directory Software is pre-installed on all our hardware solutions. Available as Fastfind Display, Fastfind Touch and the all new Sprocket Direct they are built to provide the ultimate in visitor engagement.
We believe Wayfinding has been revolutionised by our radical Sprocket Go software which utilises the latest gaming technology advances to provide a 3 dimensional mapping experience.
Check out our Directory and Wayfinding software you won’t be disappointed….