Deliciously scented and nice feeling sanitiser

We’ve all felt the slimy and sticky texture of low-quality sanitiser. We’ve all felt its heavy handed spray that drenches every crevice of our hands. We’ve all dreaded the sight of its bulky looming figure that invokes a smell better left to Saturday nights at the pub.

Sprocket has said “no more” – releasing the X+ Sanitiser Station that allows all of these experiences to be left in the past. Now you can do your part against the pandemic, in a way that is pleasing to both your hands and nose.

Maintain image whilst following hygiene protocols

The streamlined compact design means that the X+ Sanitiser Station fits naturally into your office, without overtaking the space. The new normal is a sanitiser station as the first and last point of contact with a business. It is the first thing they see, and the first indication of quality towards your business. With Sprocket’s Stand we ensure that it is a positive and lasting impression, one where they aren’t holding their hands as far away as possible from their noses. We are all doing our part to fight this pandemic, but that doesn’t mean we have to compromise brand image and standards.

A bespoke Sanitiser Station that can be customised

Sprocket offers customisable signs, ranging from personal messages to a selection of different colours. The X+ Sanitiser Stand also comes in black and silver, allowing you to tailor the stand even more towards your brand image. There’s no need for the Sanitiser Station to be a clunky add on to your business, rather it can become part of the company’s image, even enhancing it. If you want to stick to the basics, our standard signs are perfect in their simplicity. If there are any other changes you’d like, feel free to reach out to our team who will ensure that the Sanitiser Stand is perfectly designed for your company.

Built to last

The X+ Sanitiser Station boasts a durable high quality structure that won’t break down in a matter of months. This Station will stick by your side for years and years – never faltering or breaking down.

Limiting plastic pollution

At Sprocket we are making greater initiatives each year towards a more sustainable future. To limit our use of plastic we are offering 5L bottle refills that include free shipping Australia wide. See our refill options here.

Delight your customers and employees

We partnered with Scent Australia to deliver a sanitiser that is light, refreshing and effective. The anti-bacterial sanitiser was “exclusively manufactured to WHO standards” to ensure that no nasty germs are left on your hands. Scent Australia opted for a gel substance that soaks easily into your hands, leaving no trace of stickiness. Most importantly, the smell – a fresh botanical scent that is reminiscent of summer days. No more cheap alcohol scent that lingers for hours after application. In fact, you’ll find yourself willingly smelling your hands, instead of attempting to detach them from your body.

Support local

Look no further than Sprocket –all of our designs are created in our Melbourne office, with materials sourced locally. Now more than ever, we need to help out our Australian business in getting back on their feet to run this pandemic marathon.

What our customers say

Chris Lindus says “I love these new hand sanitiser stations from Sprocket. They helped me with my custom artwork and had them delivered within a week. I’ve had so many clients notice them and comment on how good they look. Two have asked me for details on where they could get some for their own businesses. Incredibly professional and pleasant staff to deal with as well.
Margot Shannon writes “I can highly recommend Sprocket and their great stands and wall mounted hand sanitiser units. From the beginning, they were so professional and friendly and a delight to deal with. They understood the brief and got on with the job, and were happy to make small changes along the way. Our products arrived on time and were exactly what we were after. Plus the sanitiser gel smells really nice”

In this together

Covid-19 has hit us, and hit us hard – causing businesses across the country to close up shop. Many are wondering how to navigate the changes. The return to working life may seem a daunting task, with looming questions about how to restore your sales and image alongside the pandemic protocols. The X+ Sanitiser Station helps ease this stress, adhering to hygenie requirements whilst elevating the image of your business.
Let’s fight Covid-19, and let’s fight it in a way that works for you.