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Interactive Kiosk Solutions

Sprocket has an enviable track record in the design, development, and deployment of interactive kiosk solutions across a range of industries. In parallel to offering a range of off-the-shelf kiosks, we have also worked closely with clients to engineer custom self-service kiosk solutions in order to create new ways for them to engage with this exciting technology.

From retail, banking and hospitality sectors, through to galleries, museums and events, Sprocket’s innovative kiosk solutions continue to enhance the customer experience while promoting the unique sales benefits derived from touch technology.

Custom Kiosk Solutions

As one of the pioneers of self-service kiosk devices in Australia, Sprocket has deployed thousands of public access kiosks throughout Australia and internationally, with clients including ANZ, Qantas, AMP, Telstra, McDonalds, IBM, and Fujitsu.

Find out more about our Custom Kiosk Solutions and our wayfinding kiosk solutions that have made Sprocket a leader in touch screen technologies.

Tablet Kiosk Solutions

Sprocket has taken the concept of tablet based kiosk solutions into enterprise level deployments. Since the emergence of tablet technology, Sprocket have taken tablet based interactive kiosk solutions to new heights, offering enterprise and retail-ready solutions for iPad, Android and Windows powered tablets, partnering with suppliers such as Acer, Microsoft, and Samsung.
Discover our Tablet Kiosk Solutions and explore the possibilities to fulfil your business needs