Sprocket Go Wayfinding

The Sprocket Go Wayfinding system helps hospital patients & visitors find a department or other public location.

Sprocket have developed an integrated wayfinding system for the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC) in Melbourne, Victoria. The system allows users to quickly see the journey from their origin point [the directory they are in front of] to their destination point. Planning for the wayfinding system began years before opening date. The VCCC was to be an extensive building covering eight storeys housing diverse departments. An integrated and innovative software and hardware approach was going to be required to satisfy the demands of the state-of-the-art hospital’s multiple stakeholders.


To meet the challenge, Sprocket developed Sprocket Go, a brand new piece of software built from the ground up to deliver intuitive directions and guided animations spanning multiple storeys. Built on an industry leading gaming platform, Sprocket Go incorporates the latest technologies to deliver fast, efficient and responsive performance. The software includes swipe touch, rich graphic animations, timing control and efficient content management.


The wayfinding system is a networked solution consisting of a server connected via LAN to seven wall and floor mounted directories located throughout the hospital. As well as touchscreen functionality, the directories incorporate printers for providing hard copy directions and QR code scanners to enable visitors to scan a pre-issued appointment letter to be directed straight to their appointment. Each of the directories has a 40” touch screen and features regions in the interface for navigation and map interaction.

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Photography: Mark Walsh 4mtr.com

  • Simon Rashleigh