A user friendly custom kiosk solution for everyday essentials.

In a very short period of time Tangerpay has taken what was a fresh idea on paper back in 2017 to new heights, developing and producing what is now a cashless payment system that is fast becoming a leader in payment technology in the laundromat industry worldwide. 

From identifying a need; to worldwide success.

With the resurgence of popularity for laundromats becoming apparent, the team behind the brand now known as Tangerpay saw the potential for further growth in the industry and an opportunity to implement a much needed technology update for the industry. Damian Hudson, Chief Strategy Officer of Tangerpay looked to introduce a cashless payment solution that would become one of the leading innovative solutions for laundromats worldwide, seeing success across Australia and being exported internationally to a list of countries that is growing by the minute. 

“Used by over 150,000 people per month, Tangerpay solutions are now highly sought after from both our Australian headquarters and our USA offices” Damian Hudson, Tangerpay.

Close up view of Tangerpay cashless payment solution with branded signageWith more and more people moving to use the communal laundries to take advantage of the convenience of low cost laundry and the ability to skip the large investment in appliances for individual households the movement toward the friendly neighbourhood laundromat was moving fast.

The ability to think BIG and take action. 

Looking to create a cashless payment system to suit many industrial washer and dryer brands, Damian was looking to build his business from the ground up. Thinking BIG with bold ideas to grow into a fully fledged tech company, the ability to take the idea from prototype to a premium solution ready for commercialisation was brought to fruition much quicker than anticipated with the support of a business grant that helped the Tangerpay team take action. 



Receiving that grant allowed Damian and the Tangerpay team the freedom to think big and invest in the resources and support to help them move through the key steps to take the idea from just that, into what it is today; a highly sought after cashless payment kiosk for an industry that is set to see even more growth over the next few years. 

With a BIG idea and the resources to take it to the next level the Sprocket team worked closely with Tangerpay to bring the idea to reality by working closely with Damian to gain a full understanding of what was required in terms of:

  • The users needs;
  • Functionality;
  • Software development & tablet requirements;
  • Branding and individual specifications;
  • Technical detail for multiple countries;
  • Installation & security requirements;

The design team at Sprocket worked with Damian originally to work through a series of design prototypes to ensure the initial square payment gateway and tablet enclosure Tangerpay had requested was produced to meet the requirements with over 200 initial units manufactured to meet the needs of the market in the project’s initial stages. Tangerpay quickly pivoted to a more rugged commercial tablet and upgraded payment system and so a bespoke enclosed tablet kiosk was created to see Tangerpay enjoy its current success. 

The bespoke tablet enclosure ensures the tablet is housed safely and securely in an ergonomic, stylish and hard wearing unit that would not only meet the needs of the business owners but also provided the user friendliness that customers are happy to use. 

After working together for three years, Damian has found the trust he has in the capabilities of the Sprocket team has helped his business scale up with confidence.  With the team being responsive to the growing businesses needs all the way, Damian says “Sprocket has always been agile with their responses as we move to scale up our business.  They are always willing to experiment and think outside the square to create products that until now, didn’t exist in the market’.

The Sprocket, Tangerpay secure tablet enclosure solution. 

Tangerpay cashless payment tablet kiosk in position on white wall

The ability to work with designers, engineers and innovative team members closely within our Melbourne office allows us the creativity that we need to create the Sprocket innovative solutions that we do. When a new project hits the design floor it’s all hands on deck to ensure we have all bases covered when it comes to customer usability, design, overall functionality and the ability to manufacture with cost effective solutions within the sometimes short time-frames required. 




The Tangerpay system was created as a completely bespoke solution with requirements unique to the cashless payment system that would allow Damian to grow the business by introducing it to countries across the world.  Now seeing huge growth in the US, the Tangerpay cashless payment system design includes:

  • An ergonomic shape for ease of use;
  • Modern, sleek design that suits most interiors;
  • Easy install features that allow universal fitting worldwide;
  • Allowance for power outlets unique to each country;
  • Security features that deter tampering;
  • Secure, snug fit for Tangerpay tablets;
  • Fully branded fascia;
  • Unique graphics and features to the branded fascia; 
  • Commercial grade features for easy cleaning & longevity;

The process.

Damian says “Receiving that initial business grant helped us make bold, yet calculated investments of time and money to rapidly innovate and get ready for the mass market, domestically and internationally.”

Tangerpay was initially looking to move to exporting the Tangerpay solution rapidly; the timeframe for Sprocket to develop designs from concept to completion was relatively short.  Having a team on hand to collaborate on projects quickly is the key to our success and for this unique project our flexible approach certainly helped us take the Tangerpay solution through to completion as quickly and as seamlessly as possible. 

When working on bespoke solutions our in-house 3D printing service is invaluable to the planning process. An important step when working on concepts, it allows our clients to see the design develop from initial line drawings, 3D renderings and mock ups to a life size 3D printed product that allows them to touch, feel and visualise exactly what their unique product will look like; allowing us to move to mass manufacturing as quickly as possible.  

The design of the bespoke kiosk required a unique branding solution that not only gave Tangerpay the recognition it deserves as the innovative cashless payment solution provider the fascia also required unique graphics and features that would help make the process clear and user friendly for customers of the laundromats worldwide.  The custom designed solution required screen printing of the fascia that would enable ease of use for the end user as well as a long lasting, easy to clean, hygienic solution for the business owner.

Looking for a custom solution for your business? Reach out to our team now. 

  • Alicia Woods