Leaders in visitor management systems Sine recently installed Sprocket’s X+ Pedestal stations in their HQ. We asked them to rate the experience

What drove Sine to introduce hand sanitiser stations at your head office?

Sine was looking at several initiatives to keep both staff and visitors safe for returning to the office and one of these were hand sanitiser dispensers. We were buying sanitiser from the supermarket and placing it on counters around the office but found it would be moved and not consistently used. Having set stations was the clear solution.

Why choose the Sprocket X+ pedestal station?

Being an existing Sprocket customer, we knew we would get a great quality product and excellent service; this made it a no-brainer. We opted for the Pedestal Hand Sanitiser Floor Stand as it meant we could move it around with ease and it required minimal installation.

Why did Sine go for the custom branded signage option

The custom branded signage looks sleek and professional; this blends nicely into the office environment. We have also found people are more likely to use the branded station rather than the generic bottle sitting on reception.

The customer and staff experience

Having several stations placed around the office has made it more convenient and accessible for staff and visitors to use. The X+ Sanitiser Stations have helped us achieve a safer working environment as well as providing reassurance to staff and visitors


  • Simon Rashleigh